Push Press
– In-a 10 minutes find 3RM of the day. (Start with empty barbell)

“Teams of 2”
For Time: (TC: 16 Min)

12 Rounds (each round for time) (6 rounds for each partner)

Athlete-1 starts with Dumbbell Farmer’s Hold (2x 30/25 kg) *choose heavy!

Athlete-2 works;

8×7,5m Shuttle Run
20 American Kettlebell Swing (24/16 kg)
6 High Box Jumps 75/60 cm

Switch after full round and Athlete-2 takes DB Farmer’s Hold.

One athlete always at DB Farmers Hold. Dumbbells will never touch the ground.

Score; Total Time

Bireysel Opsiyon:

20 EMOM:

  1. 8×7,5m Shuttle Run
  2. 18 American Kettlebell Swing (24/16 kg)
  3. 8 High Box Jumps 75/60 cm
  4. 30-45sn Dumbbell Farmer’s Hold (2x 30/25 kg) *choose heavy!


Grip Endurance: Accumulate 3-Minutes Dead Hang

For the 3-minutes hang holds, athlete may accumulate 3 minutes total (break if necessary, but only count time while hanging)

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